Trade works:The trade finance investor.

Uncover the network and the knowledge of a profitable market that remains untapped by most investors: trade financing.

Over the years, trade financing has remained the stabiliser of economies during economic turmoil and the backbone of emerging financial systems. It has existed as early as 1955 in Japan, and investors in trade financing today can still see exceptional returns on this low-risk option.

Snappy and educational, this essential investing book will teach readers about trade financing in the 21st century and how they can capitalise on this grossly neglected market for lucrative returns.

Read the book to:

  • Understand why trade finance is a great (and often overlooked) investment area
  • Get inside information on the most exciting global markets
  • Benefit from thirty years trading experience in Europe and Central Asia
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About the author

Andreas Schweitzer is a veteran trade financier. As the founder of Artis Trade Invest and Arjan Capital Ltd, Andreas has passionately advised and invested in global trade for over 30 years. An expert trade strategist and seasoned financier, Andreas offers unparalleled insight into the world of trade finance and the opportunities it offers for investors. His latest book is an essential guide for investors looking for an alternative, uncorrelated asset class that makes an impact.

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